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When you have lived in Virginia for at least one winter, you know that a powerful heater is an absolute must. Before you become overwhelmed by the countless choices online or in-store, it is a good idea to reach out to our techs at Freedom Heating & Air

Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, or boiler in mind, our experts can explain to you the distinct pros and cons of each kind of heating appliance. 

Once you are confident that you can make the best choice for your unique property, we can offer a seamless installation, so that your heater is up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

With our dedicated Lynchburg heating installation, you can feel certain that you will be enjoying a cozy, dependable system all winter long.

Why is a Consultation with a Heating Specialist So Important?

Perhaps this is your first time buying a heating system, or maybe you have had a faithful furnace or a boiler for a long time and are finally seeking a replacement. 

Regardless of your situation, it is a good idea to speak to an expert before you select a unit for your property. 

When you go online or even visit a showroom in person, there are so many choices to think about that it can be difficult to decide, especially when many systems look similar. 

Having a professional nearby is extremely helpful in aiding you to discern the distinctions between different types of units, models, and brands. 

A dedicated heating installation technician will take many factors into account, such as

  • The layout of your house or business
  • The overall size of your property
  • The presence of any current ducts 
  • The number of rooms on your property
  • Your desired level of energy consumption
  • Your current budget

What Are The Signs It's Time To Replace Your Heater?

Replacing a heater, whether it's a furnace, boiler, heat pump, or any other type, is an important decision that should be made carefully. 

Here are 10 signs that it may be time to replace your heater:

  1. Age: The age of your heater is a significant factor in its performance and efficiency. Most heating systems have a lifespan of 15-20 years. If your heater is approaching or exceeding this age range, it may be time to consider a replacement.
  2. Frequent Repairs: If you find yourself constantly calling for heater repairs or experiencing breakdowns, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new, more reliable system.
  3. Rising Energy Bills: Older heaters tend to become less efficient over time, leading to higher energy bills. If you notice a steady increase in your heating costs despite consistent usage patterns, your heater may be inefficient and in need of replacement.
  4. Uneven Heating: If some areas of your home are consistently colder than others, it could be a sign that your heater is no longer distributing heat evenly. This may be due to aging or worn-out components.
  5. Strange Noises: Unusual noises such as banging, rattling, or squeaking coming from your heater can indicate underlying issues. These noises may be a sign that parts are failing or that the system is reaching the end of its lifespan.
  6. Inconsistent Heating: If your heater struggles to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, cycling on and off frequently, it may be unable to meet your heating needs effectively.
  7. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Concerns: If your heater is older or poorly maintained, it could pose a risk of producing carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas that can be deadly. If you suspect a CO leak, it's essential to have your heater inspected immediately.
  8. Reduced Comfort: If your home doesn't feel as comfortable as it used to, with cold spots or uneven heating, even after adjusting your thermostat, your heater may be struggling to perform efficiently.
  9. Outdated Technology: Newer heating systems are often more energy-efficient and come with advanced features like programmable thermostats, zoning options, and smart home integration. If your current system lacks these capabilities, you might want to upgrade for improved comfort and energy savings.
  10. Environmental Concerns: If you're concerned about your carbon footprint and want to reduce your home's energy consumption, upgrading to a more energy-efficient heater can be an environmentally friendly choice.

When considering replacing your heater, consult with a professional HVAC technician for an assessment of your current system's condition and recommendations for the most suitable replacement options. They can help you determine the best choice based on your specific needs, budget, and long-term goals.

Contact us now at (434) 331-3690 if you live in Smith Mountain Lake, Amherst, Bedford, or in the nearby vicinity, and our techs can get you started with a dedicated consultation.

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Maximizing Efficiency for Your Energy Consumption

No one wants to spend extra money on their utility bills unnecessarily. If you are wondering how to dramatically cut your energy bills, you should start by looking at your heater system. 

If you already have a current system, and your furnace, boiler, or heat pump is several years old, it is likely going to need to be replaced. 

Even if the unit is technically able to produce heat, it may begin to become less efficient, meaning that it will use more energy and thus increase the expenses on your utility bill. 

When you start looking for a heater, you should always check its AFUE rating. This stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. 

If your heater has a high AFUE, it is better at conserving energy. Speak to our experts at Freedom Heating & Air, and we can help you figure out the maximum level of efficiency of your system.

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