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Trying to survive a Virginia summer without a reliable air conditioner is not a very enjoyable experience. To keep your family comfortable during the hottest months of the year, you should speak to our technicians about a dependable Lynchburg AC installation. Turn to our dedicated experts at Freedom Heating & Air, who can keep you cool with a brand-new air conditioner system built to last many years.

Preparing for your New Air Conditioner Installation

Before you start comparing different air conditioners, it is a good idea to consider key factors that will help you make a final decision. A knowledgeable technician will walk you through all the distinctions between models and makes.

Some of the aspects you should consider during the process of choosing your air conditioner include:

  • The cost of the new unit – You definitely need to ensure that your new air conditioner fits into your budget. However, just because a specific unit is cheap now does not mean that it will be more cost-effective in the long run. 
  • The size of your system – You may be surprised to learn that bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioners. An AC that is too large will waste a lot of energy, increasing your bills. Its rapid cycle will also be ineffective at dehumidifying the air in your home. However, an AC that is too small will not be able to supply your house with enough cool air either.
  • Any add-ons for air quality – In addition to providing dedicated cooling, many HVAC systems also have options to improve the levels of air quality in your home. Thinking about these options from the outset can protect your whole household’s health.

Simply reach out to our devoted team at (434) 331-3690 or contact us online and we can even provide you with great discounts for being a veteran, a first responder, or current military personnel.

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  • “I really enjoyed working with Freedom Heating and Air!” - Natasha J.
  • “They did a wonderful job on the installation of our new heating and air unit.” - Phillip D.
  • “Brendan and his company did a fantastic job.” - Jeff K.

Checking Your AC’s Level of Energy Consumption with a Professional Consultant

No one wants to waste more money than they need to on their utility bills every month. Because your air conditioner is going to be running a lot, the costs of cooling your home can quickly add up if it is not very efficient. 

Therefore, before you select an air conditioner, you should always check its SEER rating. SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio,” and the higher this ratio is, the more capable your system is at consuming energy efficiently.

Nowadays, all air conditioners are required to have at least a level 13 SEER rating, but truly effective systems can have ratings of 22 or 23. Let one of our air conditioner specialists at Freedom Heating & Air handle this task for you. We can even provide same-day appointments. 

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Are you experiencing constant breakdowns, rising energy bills, or inconsistent cooling in your home? It might be a clear indication that it's time to consider replacing your air conditioner. At Freedom Heating & Air, we understand the importance of a properly functioning cooling system for your comfort and peace of mind. 

Here are some signs that suggest it's time to invest in a new air conditioner:

  • Age of Your Current System: Air conditioners typically have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If your AC unit is approaching or exceeding this range, it may be prone to frequent breakdowns and inefficient performance. Upgrading to a newer model will not only improve efficiency but also provide better cooling capacity and enhanced features.
  • Frequent Repairs: Are you finding yourself frequently calling for repairs to keep your air conditioner running? The cost of repeated repairs can quickly add up, and at some point, it becomes more cost-effective to invest in a new AC unit. Additionally, an older system might face difficulties in finding replacement parts, leading to longer repair times and increased inconvenience.
  • Rising Energy Bills: Have you noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills without a corresponding change in your usage patterns? Older air conditioners tend to lose efficiency over time, causing them to work harder and consume more energy to maintain the desired temperature. By upgrading to a newer, energy-efficient model, you can significantly reduce your cooling costs and save money in the long run.
  • Inconsistent Cooling: Do certain rooms in your home remain hot and uncomfortable despite your AC running constantly? Uneven cooling or hot spots can be a sign of an aging air conditioner that is struggling to distribute cool air evenly throughout your home. Investing in a new system will ensure consistent and balanced cooling, providing you with a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Excessive Noise: Is your air conditioner making loud and unusual noises during operation? While some noise is expected, excessive rattling, grinding, or squealing sounds can indicate significant issues with your AC unit. These noises can be a sign of worn-out components or internal damage, which may require costly repairs. Replacing the unit can eliminate the noise and give you a quieter and more enjoyable living space.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality: A deteriorating air conditioner can contribute to poor indoor air quality. If you notice an increase in dust, allergens, or musty odors in your home, it could be a result of an inefficient or malfunctioning cooling system. Upgrading to a new air conditioner with advanced filtration systems can help eliminate pollutants, improve air quality, and create a healthier living environment.

Recognizing these signs can help you make an informed decision about replacing your air conditioner. At Freedom Heating & Air, we offer a wide range of high-quality, energy-efficient AC units to suit your specific needs and budget. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist you in selecting the right system and providing professional installation services to ensure optimal performance and reliability. 

Reach out to our team today at (434) 331-3690 or speak to us online, and we would be happy to answer any type of question related to your Lynchburg AC installation.

Honoring Those Who Serve: Our Commitment to Exceptional Care

At our company, we hold a deep appreciation for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country and communities. As veterans ourselves, the founders envisioned a place where fellow servicemen and women, along with other public servants like first responders, nurses, and doctors, could find reliable and affordable services. 

Our mission from the start has been to provide a five-star experience and extend exclusive discounts to those who serve the American public. We take great pride in serving those who have selflessly served us. Our commitment to this cause is ingrained in every aspect of our team, and we strive relentlessly to make our founders proud. 

We understand the sacrifices made by these individuals and recognize their unwavering dedication. Therefore, it is our honor and privilege to offer them the highest quality of care at reduced rates as a token of gratitude.

When you choose our family-owned and veteran-owned team, you can expect nothing less than exceptional service. Our Lynchburg office is ready to assist you and provide further information about our values, team, and services. 

Call us today at (434) 331-3690 to learn more!

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